If you have started to notice a consistent humming or buzzing noise from the inside of a wall in your home, you might have an infestation of bees. They can move quickly, sometimes even in one day, but in most cases, they have probably been there for a while and you didn’t notice it until now. In winter during the cooler months, bees usually go dormant, which means they will be quiet over this time. They become more active in summer and spring when the flowers start to bloom. Below are a few useful tips you can use on how to remove bees.

Make Sure You Don’t Have A Yellow Jacket Nest

The Yellow Jacket is a type of wasp that looks similar to a honey bee. Instead of feeding off nectar, pollinating flowers, and making honey, Yellow Jackets eat other insects, meat, and they also like to eat sugar. Yellow Jacket wasps will sting with minimal provocation, they are aggressive, and often sting several times.

To determine what you are dealing with, research images of honey bees and Yellow Jackets online. You will notice that a honey bee is hairy and a very furry insect, while a Yellow Jacket is brighter colored and smooth. If you are not sure, try to catch one and use a magnifying glass to determine what you are dealing with.

It will make a difference since bee removal specialists don’t really deal with wasps. Instead, you would need to contact a pest control company to drill a few holes into the wall and to fumigate the nest.

On the other hand, honey bees are beneficial creatures that are at risk of extinction. If there is a chance to save the hive, this would be a far better option.

When Looking For Information On Bee Removal, Choose Specialists

Many of the pest control businesses don’t have the experience or knowledge on the right way to deal with bees. In fact, if you ask them, most prefer not to deal with bees at all. Bee removal specialists, on the other hand, specialize in bees and they have places that they transport the hives to so that the bees can continue to live a happy life and help nature when it comes to pollination.

Bee removal experts also use the correct clothing for these jobs. This includes a bee suit, which is something you might have seen in a movie or on TV. They also use special smokers that keep the bees calm while extracting the queen. The hive will always follow their queen, which is the main part involved in how to move them.

If you reside close to a forest or wooded area, bee removal technicians can simply transport the queen to a site nearby and stop them from returning to your property. This is the ideal option since many of the bees can be saved and remain in an area they are used to so that they can carry on pollinating plants, fruits trees, and flowers that they require for survival.

If you are faced with a bee infestation, we recommend doing your own investigation to start. However, if you have a fear of wasps and bees, we suggest calling in a professional bee removal company. These are professionals that have the experience and know-how on how to quickly solve your problem.